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Math Chattingz

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The Math Chattingz webinar is a multinational student event geared at highlighting the applicability of mathematics in a greatly diversified range of careers. The event was conceptualized by Youths For Excellence and will be executed in collaboration with the Ministries of Education in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago,Guyana, Grenada and Barbados.

Youths For Excellence

Our Mission

To engender in youth a positive correlation between mathematics and achievement, by being proponents of a culture shift within the region.


Get ready to engage in a fully immersive and interactive experience exploring the uses of Math in Arts and Design, The Environment , Health, Tech and Engineering and Entertainment as brought to you by high level professionals from all over the world.

  • Interact with experts from Switzerland, The United States of America, Suriname , the United Kingdom and various caribbean territories.
  • Engage and win prizes including the opportunity for one-on- one consultation with an expert of your choice.
  • Explore Mathematics like you never have before.

Our Partners who are reaching young innovators in five countries within the region.

moe trinidad

Our Sponsors

Sagicor Foundation

Auxiliary Events

Expert Explains Series

Explore the world of STEM by tuning in to our Expert Explains Series. See preeminent experts breakdown a topic in three levels of difficulty, engaging a primary school student, a high school student and a college student

Global Problem Solver Series

Have you ever wondered how organizations such as the United Nations Development
Programme (UNDP), the United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organization(UNESCO) and the
International Development Bank(IDB) solve problems?
Well here is your chance!

Join us and see how these agencies respond to regional issues by utilizing skill sets gained
from math such as analysis, logics and reasoning.

Math Games Night

Come and showcase your math skills and get the chance to win gift baskets , school supplies,
tablets and more!
Enjoy the :
● Math pictionary
● Question and Answer Segment
● Math Treasure Hunt

Meet The Team

MEET the Hosts

Jénine Shepherd

Founder, Board Co-Chair and President of Youths For Excellence

Sophia Steele

Exceutive Intern at Youths For Excellence, Public Policy and International Affairs Major at Princeton University

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“Math Chattingz” Opening Ceremony


Time: 4:03- 4:06 PM GMT-5

Pastor Jermy Arnold
  Advisor on Religion to Youths For Excellence  


Time: 4:07-4:17 PM GMT-5

 Jénine Shepherd
Founder, Board Co-Chair and President of Youths For Excellence

Plenary Speaker

Time: 4:18- 4:25 PM GMT-5

 Roshanna Trim 
Ambassador for Youths For Excellence and Chair of the Caribbean Regional Youth Council  

Guest Speaker

Time: 4:26- 4:31 PM GMT-5

 Jean Lowrie Chin
Chairperson of the Digicel Foundation  


Time: 4:32- 4:39 PM GMT-5

Recording Artiste  

Guest Speaker

Time: 4:40- 4:45 PM GMT-5

Denise Antonio 
United Nations Development Programme Resident Representative for Jamaica, Belize, Bermuda, The Bahamas, Cayman Islands, and Turks and Caicos Islands

Keynote Speaker

Time: 4:46- 4:53 PM GMT-5

Dr. The Honourable Ralph Everard Gonsalves
Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines


Time: 4:54- 5:04 PM GMT-5

Dee Dré
Recording Artiste


Time: 5:16- 5:26 PM GMT-5

Recording Artiste


Time: 5:27- 5:30 GMT-5


Day 1 - May 18th

Art & Design

“Without Mathematics there is no art” – Luca Pacioli

Math has been a part of art and design for centuries. From the pyramids in ancient Egypt to the great mosques in Mali, architects have relied on symmetry, proportions, and exactness when creating these designs. 

In modern times, mathematical thinking is also helpful for learning programming and solving the more technical aspects of graphic designing.


Camille Selvon Abrahams

Camille Selvon Abrahams is the Founding Director of Animae Caribe Animation and Digital Media Festival and the Programme Coordinator for Animation Studies at the University of Trinidad and Tobago. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Media & Communication with specialization in Animation, from the Goldsmiths University of London. Together with business partner Jason Lindsay, they created the first Caribbean outsourcing animation studio called Full Circle Animation Studio in Trinidad.  Creating work for international studios around the world. 

In 2016 she spent a month in Jamaica for an intervention project called “New Path’ which used animation in prisons, funded by the Organization of American States through its Department of Public Security in Washington DC. Turning those stories of dread and despair into constructive affirmations. She gives inmates opportunities to express their fears, their trauma, and allows them to use storytelling to change the plot. With over 20 years in the animation and digital media industry, Camille is the project lead for an IDB-funded outsourcing studio at the University. The UTT TTAP Factory is an outsourcing center for audio-visual digital services for the entertainment and ICT sectors. Awards include: the Royal Television Society Student Award 2000 – London UK, Caribbean Tales Innovation in Animation in the Caribbean Award – Toronto Canada and Pioneer in Film Award 2014 – Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival, Trinidad and Tobago.

Daimian Hines

Daimian Hines is the Principal of HINES Architecture + Design, a firm founded in 2016. Daimian has testified that architecture has taken him on a fantastic journey, and he intends to press forward with his progressive brand of architecture. He has endeavored to challenge the perception and focus of a traditional minority architecture firm by building a design and mission-driven practice. His firm undertakes pursuits that enhance and celebrate diverse cultures.  

Daimian has practiced in Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Singapore, Myanmar. He often reflects on his several years of practice in Yangon, the economic capital of Myanmar, where he created a design-focused firm that fostered a culture of excellence in an emerging economy.  

He has always maintained a commitment to mentoring, community, and academic involvement by accepting several board and committee appointments.  

Daimian is currently pursuing opportunities throughout the US, Asia, and the Caribbean by actively engaging with stakeholders, clients, and communities. Most recently, has designed the new Jamaica houses of parliament.

Fredrick Lyn

Fredrick Lyn is one of few Jamaicans working in visual effects (known as VFX) in the international film industry. Lyn left Jamaica in 2011 to attend the Art institute of Vancouver to study 3D modelling for games and animation.

In his relatively short career, he has contributed effects and works on blockbusters such as Furious 7, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1, The Emoji Movie, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and Thor: Ragnarok – some of which have been nominated by the Oscars, Broadcast Film Critics Association and Empire Awards in the UK for Best Visual Effects.

“At first, I wanted to become an animator after watching the Japanese science film called Akira. But my life changed when I saw Terminator 2, then again after seeing James Cameron’s Avatar. I said to myself, ‘That’s what I want to do,'” said Lyn. 

The Munro College graduate currently works with the Academy Award-winning Vancouver-based VFX company DNEG, where he does lighting and digital artistry.

Michael Bonnick

Michael Bonnick is the founder and Chief Design Consultant @ MELB DESIGN Ideation Studio with over 24+ years experience working in the creative industries and education. His consultancy delivers an eclectic range of creative projects (interventions) for local and international clients with a primary focus on DESIGN THINKING and IDEATION training/coaching. 

Currently he also works as a Visual Arts Lecturer and second year Design Studio Lead (BA degree programme) at the Caribbean School of Architecture – UTECH. 

Michael Bonnick’s (artist name – MELB) is also an accomplished Fine Artist whose work has been collected by local and international art enthusiasts. 

Michael began his educational career at Ardenne High School in Kingston and then moved on to get his Diploma in Sculpture and Printmaking at Edna Manley College right at home in Kingston, Jamaica before doing a student exchange program at Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He went on to obtain his Masters Degree in Industrial Design  from the University of the Arts London and his Qualified Teachers Status in Design Technology from the University of East London.

Day 2 - May 21st


Nature is written in mathematical language. — Galileo Galilei

There are many environmental issues such as climate change, pollution and resource wastefulness. To solve these issues, math can be used to research how we can build better climate models, make more efficient use of natural resources, and predict natural phenomena. Using math can bring about a healthier and more sustainable world for us to all enjoy. Additionally, math can help us explore what we do not fully understand about the earth.


Allison M. Rangolan

Allison Rangolan graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology (First Class Honours) from the University of the West Indies, and a Master of Science in Coastal Zone Management and Marine Biology from Nova Southeastern University.

Currently, Allison serves as the Chief Technical Director of the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica (EFJ) and has occupied various positions at the Foundation since 2013. She has represented Jamaica at regional and international conservation financing and project management events, including building networks with bilateral and multilateral agencies.

She is a member of the Women In Renewable Energy (WIRE) Network which is a part of the Clinton Foundation’s Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI). Allison is a Director of the GraceKennedy Foundation, and Chair of the Foundation’s Environment Committee. She is also a Director of the Scientific Research Council (SRC), the International Centre for Environmental and Nuclear Science (ICENS), and the Water Resources Authority (WRA).

Ayesha Constable

Ayesha has paired her activism with her scholarship having researched and published on gender and climate change as part of her doctoral studies, which links her interests in agriculture, youth and gender.  She has served as member of several regional and global youth networks including the Caribbean Youth Environment Network, Commonwealth Youth Climate Network, and is the Former Caribbean Coordinator for the Sustainable Development Solutions Youth Network, Regional Representative for Global Power Shift of 350.org and is currently a Global Advisor to FRIDA- the Young Feminist Fund.

Ayesha has co-organized national consultations on climate change to provide space for Jamaican youth to contribute to the dialogue on climate change. More recently, she coordinated the UNDP’s Caribbean youth delegation from across 8 Caribbean countries to the UN Youth Climate Summit. She is the Founder of the Young People for Action on Climate Change Jamaica (YPACCJa) which aims to serve as an umbrella organization for youth-led climate groups and of GirlsCARE- Girls for Climate Action for Resilience and Empowerment. 

Jhannel Tomlinson

Jhannel Tomlinson is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Geography and Geology, whose research seeks to assess the capacity of Community-based Organizations (CBOs) to effectively support current and future climate change adaptation initiatives. She has published academic papers on the preliminary findings of her work and has also been a part of multi-disciplinary teams, conducting research on agriculture, climate change, and rural development. She has also been a consultant for different development agencies, conducting work in these areas. 

In addition to her academic work, she is a youth climate activist who is a member of the Caribbean Youth Environment Network (CYEN), Jamaica and is Co-Founder of Young People for Action on Climate Change (YPACC), Jamaica. She was a youth innovator as part of the Youth in Landscape Initiative in Paris 2015, was a youth delegate at the Youth Climate Conference in 2017, and was a co-organizer in the local Rise for Climate event in 2018. 

Jhannel’s involvement in climate action both through academia and activism provides her with the expertise to lead initiatives geared at climate change, economic growth, and job creation.

Taymer Mason

Taymer Mason is a Barbadian trained microbiologist, food scientist and cookbook author. She has worked in all areas of food including health and safety, international compliance, and new product development. 

In 2010 the “vegan chef wrote Caribbean Vegan which was released as a second edition in November 2016. Taymer was always obsessed with botany at a young age and believes that all plants have a purpose. In 2006 she started making products for her natural hair using Barbadian molasses, wild hibiscus flowers and forest made island oils. This bilingual globe trotter spends her days writing cookbooks on veganism, marketing artisanal small businesses and creating new hair and skin products.

She was featured in Forbes, National Post, and VegNews for her interest and creation of plant-based meat. She currently resides in the United Kingdom with her husband, Ramon Marshall, where they own a plant-based startup specializing in pancake mixes, plant-based meat and fish.

Day 3 - March 25th


The World Health Organization defines health as “a state of complete, physical, mental, and social well-being.” Math can be used to develop new treatments and systems to re-examine health and medicine to make sure we live out our healthiest lives.


Dr. Kai A.D Morgan

Dr. Kai A. D. Morgan is a registered clinical psychologist in Jamaica, with a doctorate in Clinical Psychology obtained from Carlos Albizu University in September 2001. She worked as a Clinical Psychologist and lecturer at the University of the West Indies, and as a consultant in Community Health & Psychiatry at the University Hospital of the West Indies for 15 years.  In 2016, she started her private practice and consultancy work which includes 8 other Master level associate clinical psychologists. Her services include both therapy (e.g., for trauma and depression) and assessment (e.g., psychoeducational, behavioural, neuropsychological) and research, training and consultancies. She is the President of the Jamaican Psychological Society (JamPsych), the Co-Chair of the Professional Practice & Standards Committee of the Caribbean Alliance of National Psychological Associations (CANPA) and a member of the American Psychological Association’s Global Psychology Alliance. Her interests in research and clinical practice include trauma, sexual behaviour, couples and Caribbean psychology. 

Dr. Mahendra Carpen

Dr. Mahendra Carpen is a Guyanese born Interventional Cardiologist and Cardiac Electrophysiologist who is the Head of Medical Services and Cardiology at the Georgetown Public Hospital in Guyana and the Consultant Cardiologist to the Caribbean Heart Institute. Among his many hats is that of Managing Director of Cardiology Services Inc. at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Guyana.

He started his medical career at the University of Guyana, School of Medicine where he got his MBBS in 1997, receiving the Prime Minister’s award and Vice Chancellor’s Award for best graduate in the School of Medicine and the Faculty of Health Sciences respectively. Dr. Carpen has performed numerous invasive cardiac procedures including coronary angiograms, stent implantations, right heart catheterizations, among others. His willingness to travel around the Caribbean to provide care for his patients comes from personal experience and belief that “Healing is more than just taking pills or having procedures: it is best achieved in a patient’s environment when surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones.”

Dr. Monique Mendes

Dr. Monique Mendes is a Jamaican-born Neuroscientist who attended Immaculate Conception High school. In 2015, she received a bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Florida, Gainesville. She went to the University of Rochester in search of a robust Neuroscience program that focused on Glial biology and a collaborative environment. In the laboratory of Dr. Ania Majewskashe researched how specific brain cells, microglia, undergo a process called self-renewal. She successfully defended her thesis on July 31st, 2020. She is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in Dr. Mark Schnitzer’s lab at Stanford University studying learning and memory.

Her long-term research goal is to investigate the role of immune cells, such as astrocytes, in hippocampal function and behavior stemming from a personal curiosity in understanding the crosstalk between neurons and glia. In the future, she would like to establish an academic research laboratory and train future generations of neuroscientists.

Vidia Roopchand

Mr. Vidia Roopchand, married with three kids and born on Wakenaam Island in Guyana, South America, is a Principal Research Scientist in Viral Vaccines Research at Pfizer’s Pearl River, New York site.  He has obtained a BS in Chemistry and Biology at the University of Guyana, an MS in Chemical Engineering at Columbia University, and an MS in Immunology at New York Medical College. He went to the US in 1990 for graduate school and has worked in viral vaccines research for the last 27 years and spent his career supporting research to develop innovative vaccines and to help treat people globally – including the research to develop the COVID-19 vaccine.  Mr.  Roopchand is the lead scientist for all virus production within Pfizer viral vaccines and has made the last batch of the oral polio vaccine in the Pearl River site.  Also, he was nicknamed “Bobbin” from the bobbin in the sewing machine because his grandfather was a tailor in Guyana.

Day 4 - May 28th

Tech & Engineering

The moving power of mathematical invention is not reasoning but imagination. -Augustus de Morgan

The creation of all modern technology would be impossible without math. Mathematics helps solve complex problems and bring about real world applications: How can we launch rockets into space? How can we create advanced Artificial Intelligence? How can we build better computers? Math enables us to think critically and precisely about these questions to generate novel inventions.


Nathaniel Peat

Nathaniel Peat is a Multi-Award Winning Entrepreneur, International Speaker (inc TEDx), Business Coach, Engineer, Pilot and man of many talents and achievements. He is listed on the 2017 Black Power List, 2018 & 17 EMPower Financial Times List and 2016 saw an entry onto the Financial Times Upstanding 100 BME Executive List. Nathaniel is co-founder of Gennex Solar which provides innovative renewable energy products in Africa. He also founded The Safety Box, a company whose training and development programmes assist with reducing youth violence and helps young people develop important skills such as leadership, communication and conflict resolution. In 2015 Peat was the only UK entrepreneur selected by Virgin United to attend a week-long leadership gathering on Necker Island with Sir Richard Branson. Nathaniel is an Honorary Fellow of Brunel University and his work has featured in publications such as Forbes and Huffington Post. Nathaniel was also a former Trustee and Co-Founder of EY (Ernst and Young) Foundation since 2014 and now acts as a Patron to the charity. Peat is also Chair of the Brunel University Business School, Chair of Youths For Excellence (YFE) and recently appointed onto LLoyds Banking Group Advisory Business Board in 2021.

Chris Reckord

He has more than twenty-nine years of experience within the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry. Prior to joining ICT, Mr. Reckord was a founder and Executive Director of Innovative Corporate Solutions in Jamaica and held several management positions at Adjoined Consulting in Miami, Florida. He is best described as a man of multiple proclivities who is a wine aficionado, a hobbyist photographer, a health and fitness enthusiast, and a wine columnist for a local newspaper – The Jamaica Observer. In addition, Mr. Reckord serves as the Chairman of eLearning Jamaica and a Director of the Jamaica Computer Society. He is also a member of the PSOJ and is currently the Chairman of its Membership Committee. His formal education includes a diploma in Industrial Education (with a specialization in Electrical Technology) from the University of Technology and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Barry University.

Eric Gilbert- Williams

Eric Gilbert-Williams is a Canadian Entrepreneur, Business Mentor, Inventor, and Author in Progress. He grew his last venture to 60 people, several million in annual revenue, and reached the #20 spot for the fastest-growing companies in Canada as per the Growth 500 list. His Entrepreneurial journey began early with redemption from a troubled past. Since then, it has led him down an adventurous path of event production, B2B sales, a fastest growing construction company, software development, and business mentoring to help others drive up profits, and drive down stress. Eric is now helping other entrepreneurs with their businesses and is writing a book to help struggling teenagers and their families experience a similar type of redemption and success in life. He is also the founder and CEO of Enter. Meme Inc, which was founded in 2020 as a COVID-19 project, which has grown into a sustainable platform with a fascinating, disruptive future.

Kirk Anthony-Hamilton

Kirk-Anthony Hamilton is an architectural designer turned entrepreneur, investor, community curator and founder of the Infiniti Partnership Inc., Tech Beach Retreat and The Destination Experience. He is on a mission to build a new global business ecosystem for the Caribbean with platforms designed to attract investment, innovation, influence and big media to the region with an aim to catalyse new enterprise and wealth creation opportunities. In May of 2015, he was celebrated as one of 75 Emerging Global Entrepreneurs by President Obama at the White House and in January of 2016 serving as curator of the Global Shapers Kingston Hub, he was selected as one of 50 Global Shapers to participate in the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum. His work and profile have been featured in publications including Forbes, the Wallstreet Journal, Essence and the New York Times. Kirk-Anthony possesses a Professional Master of Architecture Degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Nicole Pitter-Patterson

A senior international development advisor with 20+ years of expertise in both the public and private sectors, Nicole Pitter Patterson has focused her career in the areas of community-based entrepreneurship, SME growth, and social enterprise development. Nicole is Co-Founder of the Caribbean Girls Hack (and Co-Founder former Girls in ICT Day Caribbean Hackathon), focused on bridging the gender digital divide in the Caribbean, engaging and upskilling girls and young women across a total of 5 countries since 2017. She serves as a member of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) digital platforms including the EQUALS Skills Coalition and the EQUALS Policy Working Group. She holds an M.A. in Regional Economic Development at Northeastern University, U.S.A., with a B.A. in Economics at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica, and training in Residential Interior Design at the Art Institute, USA. Nicole currently leads as Director of the Trade, Caribbean Programs & Advisory Council at Women’s Economic Imperative, an International NGO.

Yekini Wallen – Bryan

Yekini Wallen-Bryan is CEO and founder of PreeLabs, a tech company that focuses on developing and implementing systems and devices centered around automation and remote monitoring and control. Yekini Wallen-Bryan is a graduate of Wolmer’s High School and UWI Mona with a double Major in Electronics and Energy and Environmental Physics (Hons.) currently pursuing his MPhil in Electronics Engineering. Yekini has also been heavily involved with the robotics program at the UWI Mona for several years with every trophy that has ever been won by the University coming under his leadership whilst either captaining or coaching the UWI Robotics team. Since graduating, Yekini went on to form PreeLabs Ltd. in 2016 where he would implement several projects and develop several award-winning products whilst attracting the support of several organizations and private companies. Yekini is a lover of nature, combat sports, music composition, and filmography.

Day 5 - May 31st


The pure mathematician, like the musician, is a free creator of his world of ordered beauty. — Bertrand Russell

In the entertainment world, mathematical thinking and calculations are used everywhere. In the film and music industry, cinematographers have to decide on which angles should be shot, and sets must be scaled correctly to make sure scenes look realistic. In sports, athletes have to take into account speed, distance, and force to score points for their team. Everywhere you can guarantee math is involved.


Christopher Anderson

Christopher Anderson’s story is nothing but inspiring. Starting off as a bartender with a dream, this young bootstrapper has managed to found his own entertainment company, Head Cornerstone Entertainment Kenya. This company based in both Jamaica and Nairobi, Kenya is the first of its kind for a reggae entertainment brand. Head Cornerstone Entertainment Kenya organizes music festivals that will be the most anticipated events in the Kenyan and African entertainment circuit. The events attract thousands of people, allowing them to grow exponentially and become an international benchmark as a festival model. Past events include: the Street Fusion and Jamhuri Reggae Festival. His brand has worked with acts like Damian Marley, Freddie McGregor and the majority of big names in reggae music.

Kenyatta Hill

Kenyatta Hill is a prominent musician, actor and businessman. A member of the music group “Culture”, Kenyatta draws inspiration from elements of dancehall and roots tradition and most importantly, his late father, prominent singer and songwriter Joseph Hill. Kenyatta’s rise as a musician is one of deep respect for the reggae genre and his father: In 2006, after his father collapsed and died while on tour in Europe,  Kenyatta stepped onstage and delivered electrifying performances time and again – nineteen shows in all – until the tour was complete, much to the amazement of fans and critics alike. His dedication to honouring the genre and his father shone through.

Kenyatta has gone on to front “Culture” in a series of performances in the US, Caribbean, Brazil, Argentina and Peru, again leaving audiences amazed and delighted. Kenyatta has also since formed his own international record label called HONEST Music that manages and produces for a slew of talented reggae artists.

Kerri Birch

Kerri Birch has been working in television and film production, events management, and advertising for the past ten years.

Her production career started as a Set Runner in the 2005 German film, “Betrayal in Paradise”, after which she freelanced for several companies as Production Co-ordinator, Locations Manager, Assistant Director, and Casting Director on various projects. Some of these include T-20 TVC, J. Cole’s “Can’t Get Enough” music video, Digicel’s Be Extraordinary TVC, “Over the Rainbow” and “The Century that Wrote Itself” to name a few.

In 2010, Kerri formed Betula, a production company with a focus on production management, location scouting, and casting.

As of 2014, Betula’s services have moved to 13 Degrees North Productions, a Barbados-based, media production company specializing in Video Productions, Production Facilitation, Photography, Animation, and Scripting.

Richard Lue

A veteran of the travel and tourism industry, Richard Lue comes from a family of hoteliers.  He served on the Jamaica Tourist Board for 13 years, in Montego Bay and Los Angeles, as Marketing Executive for California and the neighboring states.  His experience in developing marketing strategies for Jamaica’s tourism and his skill in fielding trade shows and educational seminars for the travel trade won him an invitation from Air Jamaica as General Manager of Marketing & Sales for Jamaica and the Caribbean.  Richard was also the original Managing Coordinator for the Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival and is an absentee board member for Reggae Sumfest (Jamaica). Since 2014, Richard has held the position of Director of Business Development at the largest reggae music label in the world, VP Records, at New York City’s headquarters in the marketing department, corporate relations, artist project management and event production list among his responsibilities.